Processing community day India has been created by and for the local communities in India

About This Event

PCD @ Delhi is a community event that will bring together people of all ages to celebrate and explore art, code, and diversity. The day-long event features fun filled workshops on making generative art from simple lines of code and interaction spaces to make playful artworks.

On the Day of the event, you'll learn few tricks and play with p5 to add life to a character or to just create beautiful 10 prints with a machine. No prior coding experience is really required to make it, just a ton of curiosity to learn and understand how programs work?

In addition to a full day of programming, we want to make space for anyone to share ideas and projects with the community. We will set up Show & Tell Stations, an Interactive sketch screen to get your ideas on the wall, and a Community Open Mic Session for participants to sign-up on the day of the event. The program will wrap up with an after party consists of performances, food, and drinks.

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Be a part of the growing community of software arts, buy the tickets right away if you are thrilled and you are curious to know how you can be active in contributing to the future of creativity between humans and machines. You can also be a part of this free if you'd like to do a "Show & Tell " session on how you use Processing in your work.

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