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Processing Community Day

Processing Community Day(PCD) is a Community driven event, to celebrate Art, Code and Diversity. It is a worldwide event and mainly runs for a full day or two. The first PCD Delhi event was held on January 27, 2019 at Timeblur Studio in New Delhi.

PCD brings together Artists, Coders, and Technologists , but also Scientists, Researchers, Designers, Engineers, and Hobbyists together to share their ideas, work, research with eachother. They could be from any cultural, educational or professional background. Our objective for the event is to encourage the community to think algorithmically, and draw inpiration from eachother to work fearlessly with code. We are open to have any age group to our community, and have no bias towards one specifically.

What is Processing?

Processing is a Visual programming platform for everyone to use. The makers of Processing tool, Casey Reas and Ben Fry have made the language simple and easy for anyone to quickly make fun sketches with it in no time. You can make shapes, add color, add interactions with mouse, and do more complex stuff like fractals and simulations in Processing. There is an amazing community support for Processing tool. There is Processing main website, Coding Train on Youtube and OpenProcessing to get started with Processing. They have also released P5.js which is to make your Sketch work on Web.

Open Call for PCD

Themes for the PCD 2020 are on Evolutionary Algorithm, Computational Art (Art and Code), Ethics and AI, Tool Building, Data Visualisation and Community led technologies. Open call is for anyone who would like to give a talk, take a workshop, facilitate a focused group, or/and showcase project/work. More information on the main page. If you need any help in making a proposal on the given topics of the theme, get in touch with us and we will assign you a mentor. We as a community are inspired by Processing and P5.js but the proposals need not be limited to these tools only.


If you like to volunteer for PCD 2020 at the event or before, get in touch with us.

Accessibility and Families

PCD 2020 is happening at CSIR-IGIB South Campus, New Delhi. The closest metro station is Sukhdev Vihar Metro Station which is on Magenta Line. There is facility for wheelchair and reserved seats should you need that at the Venue. We have facilities for Pregnant women. We encourage families to get their children. If the attendees are 12 year or below, they should get a parent or a guardian along. Any other particular needs that is not covered here, please let us know. We intend to create a safe and warm environment for our community. We follow a Code of conduct for all Processing Workshops.


Should you need to get in touch with us regarding the website along with other Event related work. The website is an ever evolving community work, we are open for any suggestions or edits you think would be helpful for us. Processing Community Day is a volunteer-organized event, be a part of it too!


Processing Community Day is an independant community-driven volunteer-led event. For PCD 2020, CSIR-IGIB are providing us the venue and equipments needed for the event. Speakers and Workshop leaders will recieve an honorarium for their time. There will be breakfast, lunch boxes and snacks provided at the event.


Interested in supporting art, code and diversity in Delhi? Get in touch

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CSIR-IGIB (South Campus)


February 1st and 2nd
9:00 am onwards

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How to reach

11 minute walk from Sukhdev Vihar Metro Station

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Things to bring

Laptop and a notepad


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